Landscape Consultation

Lankford Associates Landscape Architects would like to offer you an exciting opportunity to review your landscape, with a licensed Landscape Architect to discuss your ideas and show you the possibilities and potentials for your garden and outdoor rooms.

We offer a two to three hour consultation at your home or site for a flat fee of $130.00. In this consultation we meet with you to discuss your ideas and offer straightforward and elegant solutions.

During your consultation meeting, we will discuss with you, your desires, priorities and problems you are facing in your garden. We will sketch simple three dimensional pictures of these ideas to illustrate them while with you. We will discuss the various types of material and construction options and costs presented.

When our consultation is done, you will have sketches to illustrate the potentials within your garden, general costs of the various elements involved and the process to get you there.

Based upon your desires and site conditions, we can offer a customized program to realize the ideas presented. We will work with you to develop your ideas ranging in size from small garden rooms to extensive Master Plans that are built in stages. We also offer additional services to assist you with the construction of your gardens through completion.

Our two to three hour consult is offered for $130.00 and includes:

  • Reviewing your program and needs with you on site.
  • Simple three-dimensional sketches to illustrate our concepts.
  • Discussion of costs and staging to bring about these concepts.

Please Contact Us today to schedule your consultation meeting.

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