Waterfront Homes

Shoreline and waterfront landscape design offer some of the most spectacular and challenging gardens by Lankford Associates. Our shoreline projects range from 65 acre master plans to simple pocket seaside gardens. We are experts in the new Shoreline and Sensitive Area regulations, and we can guide you through the new regulations regarding these special areas. Whether you need help with shoreline stabilization, drought tolerant or salt tolerant plantings, tight or wide open spaces, we tie these unique landscapes into the style and needs of our clients. Our shoreline designs are sustainable and eco-friendly providing a unique asset and backdrop to your home.

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Coan waterfront
A small pocket garden connects this home to their property across the street. Featured in Seattle Homes and Lifestyles, A Home With History, September 2010
Coan Article
Cotter waterfront
A low maintenance, drought resistant garden with a spectacular natural stone sea wall replacing an old degraded wood and creosote bulkhead.
Cogdill waterfront
Featuring year around interest, with patio, a small play lawn and a fire ring for entertaining, this garden is centered on a bronze seal statue.
Henny waterfront
This 65 acre estate was built over several years with a beach front home, main home, out buildings, airstrip and sea wall to stabilize eroding shoreline.
Lubov waterfront
A narrow lot was transformed into a waterfront entertainment area with new guest house. Patios, decks, hot tub and ornamental gates complete the garden.
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